Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp

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  • Saucer
  • Saucer CrissCross
  • Pear
  • Ball
  • Propeller
  • Cigar
  • Lantern
  • Apple
  • Dia 30 cm x H 18 cm
  • Dia 40 cm x H 22 cm
  • Dia 50 cm x H 25 cm
  • Dia 60 cm x H 28 cm
  • Dia 70 cm x H 30 cm
  • Dia 80 cm x H 35 cm


Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp

The Nelson Bubble Lamps are an assortment of lamps in various spherical silhouettes that emit an even quality of light. The wide shape of the Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant, along with the gently flowing lines of its steel understructure bring a lovely shape and soft light into any interior. This pendant light is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

George Nelson first designed the series in 1952, when he came across a Swedish hanging lamp that he wanted to acquire for his office. He was challenged by the expensive price, which led to him making his own Bubble Lamp series.An instant mid-century modern classic since their creation in 1947 and on permanent display in MoMA, George Nelson's fun and contemporary Bubble Lamps have withstood the test of time. Bring a piece of American design history home.  

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Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp Size

Saucer Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 30cm x H 18cm/ ∅ 11.8″ x H 7″
  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 22cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 8.7″
  • Size: Dia 50cm x H 25cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 9.8″
  • Size: Dia 60cm x H 28cm/ ∅ 23.6″ x H 11″
  • Size: Dia 70cm x H 30cm/ ∅ 27.6″ x H 11.8″
  • Size: Dia 80cm x H 35cm/ ∅ 31.5″ x H 13.8″
  • Size: Dia 90cm x H 40cm/ ∅ 35.4″ x H 15.8″

Saucer CrissCross Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 45cm x H 22cm/ ∅ 17.7″ x H 8.7″
  • Size: Dia 65 cm x H 25 cm/ ∅ 25.6″ x H 9.8″
  • Size: Dia 70 cm x H 30 cm/ ∅ 27.6″ x H 11.8″
  • Size: Dia 80 cm x H 32 cm/ ∅ 31.5″ x H 12.6″

Pear Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 32cm x H 32cm/ ∅ 12.6″ x H 12.6″

Cigar Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 17cm x H 26cm/ ∅ 6.7″ x H 10.2″
  • Size: Dia 17cm x H 37cm/ ∅ 6.7″ x H 14.6″
  • Size: Dia 30cm x H 60cm/ ∅ 11.8″ x H 23.6″
  • Size: Dia 35cm x H 65cm/ ∅ 13.8″ x H 25.6″

Ball Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 30cm x H 30cm/ ∅ 11.8″ x H 11.8″
  • Size: Dia 40cm x H 40cm/ ∅ 15.8″ x H 15.8″
  • Size: Dia 50cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 19.7″
  • Size: Dia 60cm x H 60cm/ ∅ 23.6″ x H 23.6″

Propeller Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 45cm x H 45cm/ ∅ 17.7″ x H 17.7″
  • Size: Dia 50cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 19.7″

Lantern Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 37cm x H 37cm/ ∅ 14.6″ x H 14.6″
  • Size: Dia 47cm x H 47cm/ ∅ 18.5″ x H 18.5″

Apple Pendant size:

  • Size: Dia 50cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 19.7″ x H 19.7″

Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp Details

  • Material: Silk coating over a steel wire-frame with
  • Light source: E 27
  • Power:Max 40 W
  • Weight: 2kg/ 4.4lbs
  • Finishes: White
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm/ 59″ wires which can be extended upon request.

Purchase Notes

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  • This order is not bulbs included.
  • Please notice and understand that color difference and measurement discrepancy are unavoidable.
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