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We like to think of pendant light as a jewel in the ceiling. Some pendant lamps provide general lighting, while others emit more directional light. Whether you want a minimalist style or a pendant lamp with a special shape. kikilighting provides you with exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality assurance lighting

SKU: PL566
Brand: mojlife

Palm Tree Hanging Light reproduces a plant into a retro style, which is perfect for creating a rustic aesthetic or rendering a vintage atmosphere. The sophisticated textures reveal the beauty of craftsmanship.

SKU: PL1690180BK
Brand: mojlife

With the shape of lady hat, Vertigo Pendant Lamp expresses French fashion and romance. Made of glass fibers and polyurethane body and metal ceiling plate. Available in six dimensions and four finishes.

Please notice: The material is not metal. It adopts the same design as the original.

SKU: PL559-Black-Dia100
Brand: mojlife

Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a popular modern pendant light, which is a work of art more than a light fixture. With the shape of duckweed, it creates a breakthrough based on Vertigo Lamp by using a hidden LED light source.

SKU: CL306-Black-3HeadsL150
Brand: mojlife

Modern functional Serge Mouille ceiling lamp is perfect for creating a concise indoor decoration, which can provide light for a large space. Made of metal. Available in three sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL350-Dia40H20-GlossyBlack
Brand: mojlife

The garden is carved into Sky Garden Pendant Light which is inspired by the ceiling with a gorgeous pattern on it. Therefore, this pendant light also carries this beauty, making people see the beautiful flowers when looking up.

SKU: PL356-Black
Brand: mojlife

The PH 3/2 Pendant features a three-layer opal glass lampshade that looks like an upside-down flower hanging in the air. The overlay design of the lampshade allows the light to diffuse, creating a warm atmosphere.

SKU: PL302-Gold-Dia18
Brand: mojlife

The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a good choice for living or dining room and even the public areas, which will bright up the space and interest your guests and customers. Available in four sizes and four finishes.

SKU: PL80078-3
Brand: mojlife

With delicate craft, Rituals Suspension has compact regular textures on its white glass lampshade, which looks like a paper product. It is available in three models.

Brand: mojlife

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights pendant Lamp combines designer’s love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three color finishes.

SKU: PL496
Brand: mojlife

Featuring a shape of pumpkin, PIE Wooden Pendant Light is a homely luminaire which is composed by several chips of wood, bringing natural essence and artistic beauty to your house.

SKU: PL326-Dia15
Brand: mojlife

Crescent Pendant Light looks like a full moon which is split from the middle. With opal acrylic lampshades and the golden cut surface, this modern creative pendant lamp is beautiful. Available in four sizes.

SKU: PL70-White-Dia20
Brand: mojlife

The round CRIMSON Circular Pendant Light is like a greeting card. With warm color finish, it diffuse warmth as soon as it is turned on. The funny design makes this simple pendant light stylish. Available in two sizes and three finishes.

SKU: PL-GML-Copper & Blue
Brand: mojlife

Featuring variable shapes, the Multi-Lite pendant lamp is one of the most outstanding Danish designs, outlining the beauty of geometric gifures. Made of metal, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.

SKU: PL011
Brand: mojlife

PIRCE MICRO Pendant Light looks like pencil crumbs with several rings one by one which feel like disconnected. The LED light source at the bottom shines upward, casting halos on the ceiling.

SKU: PL353-Black-Dia20H40
Brand: mojlife

Beat pendant light is a chic industrial pendant lamp, which makes you remind of an instrument and think it full of punk feeling. It has a black or white finish and the copper color interior. Available in three sizes.

SKU: FPL20220719-1
Brand: mojlife

Featuring a shape of bud, Flowerpot Pendant Light stands for love and peace, which is a beautiful pendant lamp. It is composed by a large and a small hemishpheres, which are formed face to face. Available in 14 finishes.

SKU: PL375-Black-Oval-Dia20H40
Brand: mojlife

Mila Pendant Lamp combines the elegant ring and spherical glass lampshade, forming a variety of models. It is a work of art that will never go out of fashion, since it directly shows the eternal beauty of geometric compositions.

SKU: PL351-Gold
Brand: mojlife

Utzon Pendant Light has the same name as a Danish building, which will remind you of the armor of the soldiers, hard. With three easy-matching finishes, it can blend into any kind of indoor environment well.

SKU: PL80068-4
Brand: mojlife

The minimalist and stylish design of the Noctambule Suspension Light is the finishing touch to interior bookbinding. The transparent appearance blends in perfectly with your interior. Hang this light to give your home an artistic touch.

SKU: PL352-Dia30H16.5-HuesGreen
Brand: mojlife

Known for the look of pine cone, PH 5 pendant lamp is a modern chic pendant light with gradient colors. It is a pioneer in lighting as it exerts reflection of light and prevents from harming eyes.

SKU: PL355-Chrome
Brand: mojlife

VP Globe pendant lamp wraps a subtle design of reflective plates with a transparent lampshade, allowing light to jump freely inside, which creats a variety of color phenomenon. Available in three color combinations.

SKU: PL696-Black
Brand: mojlife

It is ideal for hanging several pieces together which can be same or different colors. It will bring different atmospheres to your home, such as modern stylish and energetic feeling. It's also perfect for children's rooms. With macaron colors, they are like paper planes which attracts people.

SKU: PL139-Black-SizeA
Brand: mojlife

MEADOW Straw Pendant Lamp is an innovation based on the traditional caged wooden pendant lighs. It features a horn shape. Several finishes close to the original wood enhance the atmosphere of nature.

SKU: PL126-GreenGlass
Brand: mojlife

With tubular glass lampshade, Kruzette Glass Pendant Light is an elegant pendant light, which will play a serene melody to calm you down. Available in two finishes.

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