Creating the right atmosphere to welcome your friends or clients is crucial. Just choose from either pendant and it will do the trick. At mojlife we offer a wide range of chandeliers from rustic retro to sleek modern.

SKU: PL559-Black-Dia100
Brand: mojlife

Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a popular modern pendant light, which is a work of art more than a light fixture. With the shape of duckweed, it creates a breakthrough based on Vertigo Lamp by using a hidden LED light source.

SKU: PL302-Gold-Dia18
Brand: mojlife

The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a good choice for living or dining room and even the public areas, which will bright up the space and interest your guests and customers. Available in four sizes and four finishes.

SKU: PL1690180BK
Brand: mojlife

With the shape of lady hat, Vertigo Pendant Lamp expresses French fashion and romance. Made of glass fibers and polyurethane body and metal ceiling plate. Available in six dimensions and four finishes.

Please notice: The material is not metal. It adopts the same design as the original.

Brand: mojlife

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights pendant Lamp combines designer’s love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three color finishes.

SKU: PL350-Dia40H20-GlossyBlack
Brand: mojlife

The garden is carved into Sky Garden Pendant Light which is inspired by the ceiling with a gorgeous pattern on it. Therefore, this pendant light also carries this beauty, making people see the beautiful flowers when looking up.

SKU: CL2097-18MB
Brand: mojlife

Since 1958, this iconic 2097 chandelier has served as an ultra-modern representation of the traditional mid-century chandelier. It is a classic but trendy chandelier. Available in three different sizes and three color finishes.

Note: E14 Bulbs Included(Warm Light by Default).

Brand: mojlife

The glittering Modern dandelion Crystal Chandelier is unique and elaborate, which is like a cluster of fireworks in full bloom. Made of metal and crystal. Available in five sizes and two finishes.

Brand: mojlife

Shiny Hand-Made Stainless Steel Leaf Chandelier makes your mood good. When hung in the air, it brings dots of stars, like sparkling pearls in the sky. Available in five sizes and two colors.

Note: the details of lamp size, please see description for reference.

SKU: CL306-Black-3HeadsL150
Brand: mojlife

Modern functional Serge Mouille ceiling lamp is perfect for creating a concise indoor decoration, which can provide light for a large space. Made of metal. Available in three sizes and two finishes.

SKU: CH287-Gold-5Heads-AmberGlass
Brand: mojlife

As a classic molecular light, LUXUS Contemporary Chandelier features gorgeous glass lampshades and rotatable rods which allow various look. It will definitely shine your living and dinning room. Made of metal and glass. Available in five sizes and various finishes.

Note: more option detail, please see description for reference.

SKU: PL80064-2
Brand: mojlife

The light and airy Screen Cannage Wall Light reveals the charm of handicraft and natural materials. It features rattan wovens with richful patterns. The black edge adds a modern sense. Available in two sizes.

SKU: CL56-Black-6Heads-15
Brand: mojlife

The AURA Contemporary Chandelier is a linear chandelier which comes with tubular glass lampshades and metal rods. Free and irregular arrangement forms a molecular structure. Available in three different sizes.

Note: More detail of product size and color, please see the description for reference.

Brand: mojlife

The romantic Starry bouquet chandelier is a light fixture of sky full of stars, which stands for the beauty and the everlasting love. This crystal chandelier will shine any room and impress people. Available in two sizes and three color finishes.

Brand: mojlife

Elegant and graceful Opal Glass ball chandelier is is like the scene of hanging several glowing pearls, making the whole space serene and beautiful. Available in three different sizes.

Brand: mojlife

Apera Glass Hanging Lamp has an exotic look. The lampshade consists of two colors with dense stripes, which is a bit like ceramics. With warm light, the amber lampshade will be brightened up. Available in three models.

Note: More detail of product size and color, please see the description for reference.

SKU: PL67-Blue-Dia30H14
Brand: mojlife

COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp has a disc-like lampshade in fresh colors. This pendant light is simple but generous, which is especially suitable for Nordic indoor decorations. Available in two sizes and three finishes.

SKU: CHCL130-Ceiling-3Heads
Brand: mojlife

LEEDON Pillar Hanging Light is a novel industrial chandelier, which is full of Asian style due to the use of wood. It can be installed on the ceilling or hung. This durable chandelier will emit exotic feel in your house.. Available in two sizes.

SKU: CH141-BlackRod-ClearShade-3Heads
Brand: mojlife

MERZINA Chandelier is an interesting leverage chandelier, with two levers intersecting up and down to make the light coverage larger. This elegant and stylish pendant light is suitable for any modern indoor decorations.

Note: detail information of product color and size, please see description for reference.

SKU: PL172-6Heads
Brand: mojlife

Spider chandelier is a concise and functional chandelier which can provide light in each corner. It can be hung in the living room and dinning areas. Available in five different sizes according to the Number of the Bulbs.

SKU: CH248-Rectangular
Brand: mojlife

The vintage CYNONITE Industrial Chandelier will give you a sense of farmhouse serenity and elegant fashion. The chandelier of a iron cage and cloth lampshades are available in round and rectangular shapes.

SKU: CH466-Dia60H25
Brand: mojlife

Full of fashion, Post-modern PETAL Chandelier creates a beautiful and lifelike scene of falling petals in your home. This graceful charm will make you never forget and feel joyful. It is perfect for living rooms, which can catch people's attention.

SKU: CH562-3Heads
Brand: mojlife

The French Romantic Candle Chandelier is full of the elegance of classical culture and the Renaissance poetry. It uses lines to modernize its design. With warm light, it will be a charming chandelier for living rooms.

SKU: CL80158-1
Brand: mojlife

Inspired by the Empire State Building, the Imperial Chandelier is popular for its luxurious design, emitting a warm and comfortable light that creates a warm family atmosphere. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining tables.

SKU: CL80130-1
Brand: mojlife

Industrial spider chandelier has Retro industrial design, classic spider shape, makes it look vivid as a pendant lamp, creating a warm and comfortable environment, ideal for living room, bedroom, dining room, home bar and hallway interior lighting.

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