Mathematics Chandelier


The Math Chandelier was designed by Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar, taking inspiration from everyday materials to create such a vivid chandelier, stylish and chic, embodying minimalist elegance and a streamlined industrial retro design, we offer 150 cm / 59 inches of wire, which can be extended on request, allowing you to better craft your layout!

  • Dia 45 cm x H 45 cm
  • Dia 60 cm x H 60 cm
  • Gold
  • Chorme
Led Light Source

SKU: PL80102-1

Mathematics Chandelier

Combination of modern design and Beautiful lines

Seeing the Mathematics Chandelier, I believe you will be shocked by its light and transparent shape. The Math Pendant Light was designed by Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar. Tegelaar enjoys working with everyday materials such as mesh and waste wood, and through the aesthetic enhancement of art, he discovers new aesthetic qualities and applications for materials. The beautifully designed Meshmatics pendant light by shaping the wire in a very controllable and accurate way makes it look light and airy with a strong aesthetic, resulting in a majestic Meshmatics pendant light.

Unique shape and Fine craftsmanship

It is both artistic and practical, The Mathematics Chandelier not only provides plenty of light, but also decorates the room, even if the light source is not turned on, its design-filled shape is a rare work of art, with an integrated dimmable LED light source that glows upwards, providing Excellent light and shadow effects on the ceiling. The subtly layered steel frame is elegantly illuminated by 2700 Kelvin LEDs, emitting a very warm white light (max 30 watts). The chandelier-like lamp is 60 cm in diameter and 60 cm high. The transparent cable of the hanging light can be up to four meters long.

The 10W power and LED chip light source emits comfortable light, just like a work of art, it can emit a uniform and soft light.

Quality Assurance and Visible Workmanship

The Mathematical chandeliers are carefully crafted from metal and iron materials. The integrated design makes it artistic. There are two sizes and chrome and gold finishes that are full of metallic luster. Chrome reflects fashion and elegance, and gold reflects elegance. , it can be perfectly integrated with the home layout, the modular table lamp with unique design makes it full of practicality, not only can provide sufficient light, but also can decorate the room, even if the light source is not turned on, its full design shape is rare It is a piece of art that perfectly integrates with your house, showing off the owner's artistic taste! We offer 150cm / 59" cords that can be extended upon request, allowing you to better craft your layouts!

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Mathematics Chandelier Product Size

  • Size:Dia 60cm x H 60cm/∅ 23.6″ x H 23.6″
  • Size:Dia 45cm x H 45cm/∅ 17.7″ x H 17.7″

Mathematics Chandelier Product Details

  • Material: Metal, Iron
  • Light source: LED chip
  • Power: Max 20W
  • Weight: 5kg/ 11lbs
  • Finishes: Chrome, Gold
  • Process: Electroplating, Weaving, Welding
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm/ 59″ wires which can be extended upon request.
  • Mathematics ChandelierMathematics ChandelierMathematics Chandelier
Product Details

Data sheet

SizeDia 45cm*H45cm
Dia 60cm*H60cm
LED Light SourceCold White
Warm White
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