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The wall lamps do not take up much space and are very functional, the wall sconces for sale online have all the styles you want, retro, romantic, colorful, industrial, modern... each style has its own wall sconce

SKU: WL343-Black
Brand: mojlife

The classic designer AJ Wall Lamp features a streamlined lampshade that can be adjusted vertically to change the light source coverage. Suitable as a bedside lamp or reading light. Available in white or black finish.

SKU: WL303-Black-1HeadL60
Brand: mojlife

The classic Serge Mouille Wall Sconce is famous for its lampshade whose edge has a modified arc, making it look natural like a shell. The rotatable lampshade adds practicality to this stylish wall lamp.

SKU: PL80064-2
Brand: mojlife

The light and airy Screen Cannage Wall Light reveals the charm of handicraft and natural materials. It features rattan wovens with richful patterns. The black edge adds a modern sense. Available in two sizes.

Brand: mojlife

Nordic Glass Ball Wall Light is a beautiful wall sconce, which is like hanging a pearl, embellishing the wall and shining your room. Made of glass and metal. Available in various models.

SKU: WL266-Black
Brand: mojlife

VADIM wall lamp is the old lanterns re-emerging in a modern way with a new aesthetic, which has Asian features as well as Nordic simplicity and  fashion. Available in two body color finishes.

SKU: WLCL271-Red-Dia20
Brand: mojlife

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights Wall/Ceiling Light light combines designers’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and two color finishes.

SKU: WL329-Dia6xL55-WarmWhite
Brand: mojlife

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish.

Brand: mojlife

Luxury Bathrooms require practical and functional lighting solutions for a primarily task-oriented space. Wall lighting in the bathroom is always a great choice because it helps to bring the light down to the level where you need it!

Brand: mojlife

The Ledtube light is an adjustable wall light with LED technology which casts a pin-sharp beam of light. Available in four different colors.

SKU: WL269-Black
Brand: mojlife

Aballs Wall Lamp is a classic and elegant small wall light. The combination of a glass ball lampshade and a slightly rounded cylindrical body shows the beauty of circle. Suitable as a bedside wall light. Available in three finishes.

Brand: mojlife

Modern American Luxury Crystal Wall Lamp - a luxurious and delicate decoration with modern design is composed of a bundle of crystal bars. It could be used as a lighting tool for the creation of an elegant and fantastic interior.

SKU: WL256-Black-L14
Brand: mojlife

Both the upper and lower parts of LED Sleek Wall Lamp can emit light, as if the light was covered with a horizontal band. It can play a good role in decorating the wall. Suitable for large empty walls. Available in five sizes and two finishes.

  • Note: More detail of the lamp, please see description for reference.
  • The default version is Warm Light, if you need Day Light version, please make a note when placing order.
SKU: WL281-Gold+Transparent
Brand: mojlife

Every detail of Ficcas wall lamp is designed well, including the distance between the lampshade and the wall. The lampshade with ripple can project a speckled shadow on the wall, which is like a kaleidoscope, bringing interesting and novel feel.

SKU: WL285-2Heads
Brand: mojlife

Inspired by children's telescopes and kaleidoscope, VILLEA Classic Glass Wall Lamp mimics their looks, bringing you into an another world. The clear glass lampshade looms in the warm light, leaving only the golden body. Available in two sizes.

SKU: WL289-1Heads-GoldBody-ClearGlass
Brand: mojlife

Royal SELVIA Antique Wall Lamp combines the elegant spherical transparent lampshade with retro colors, creating a wall light full of medieval taste. Available in two sizes and various finishes.

Note: more size or other related lamp information, please see description for reference.

SKU: WL294
Brand: mojlife

MASON Glass Wall Lamp combines the industrial design with a medieval style. It uses a special bronze color, with clear glass lampshade, which is a simple design but can directly show Edison light bulbs, giving people the feeling of industrial civilization.

SKU: WL298-MatchaGreen
Brand: mojlife

Simple industrial Candy Wall Lamp is available in fresh mint green or traditional black finish, which is stunning. With a clear glass lampshade, it can collocate with kinds of Edison bulbs to form a strong visual effect. 

SKU: WL320-1Light
Brand: mojlife

As a medieval-style wall light, American Retro Wall Lamp featurs the retro copper tone and a clear crystal lampshade. With warm light, it will create a soft and warm atmosphere. Available in two sizes.

SKU: WL390-SingleHead
Brand: mojlife

Vivid and fun LED Perch Wall Lamp decorates your wall and brings your home to life. With superb LED technology, you can't see a trace of light fixture. It is a real adornment. Available in two sizes.

SKU: WL407-Dia49H60-1Head
Brand: mojlife

Attributed to golden connections, Club wall lamp adds a touch of fun to this black industrial wall lamp, which makes it simple and stylish while at the same time having a noble and elegant sense. Perfect for modern indoor decorations.

SKU: WL415-WalnutWood
Brand: mojlife

Composed by a wooden body and cream white lampshade, Wooden Wall Lamp is Japanese style. The combination of wood and cloth will make you feel relax when the lamp is illuminiated. Available in two finishes.

SKU: WL417-Gold-Small
Brand: mojlife

Minimalist Line Wall Lamp is a wall lamp with a 'ring' which integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely. It is mainly made of iron, which contributes to its modern high-level sense. Available in two different sizes and finishes.

SKU: WL80112-1
Brand: mojlife

Lride Wall Lamp is a sculpture composed of lines and circles. It outlines the beauty of geometry through simple lines, and has geometric shapes with strong decoration and visual impact. It perfectly integrates modern style with geometric shapes and aims to create exquisite home decoration for guests.

SKU: PL80100-1
Brand: mojlife

The Twis Pendant Lamp is a piece in metal, available in black and brass finishes, in an elegant hue. Entered our hearts and homes with its style and versatility. Sleek and chic, it embodies minimalist elegance with a streamlined industrial retro design.

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