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SKU: Aim1
Brand: mojlife

Aim Lamp is a contemporary luminaire with adjustable suspension height and orientable light head. Aim pendant light can be hung individually or combined perfectly. 3 lights or 5 lights are very perfect space decoration.

SKU: Saucer30
Brand: mojlife

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SKU: PL146-ChampagneSilver
Brand: mojlife

MONDENA Modern Pendant Light features a ingenious design of leather strap, which creates a never out-dated Scandinavian pendant light. The combination of the soft leather and hard metal lampshade gives a unique charm. Available in five finishes.

SKU: 1546515
Brand: mojlife

Full of Japanese style, MILLER Textile Shade Hanging Light is suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The ingenious three-footed wooden  frame covers the textile lampshade, adding a design sense.

SKU: PL143-12Heads
Brand: mojlife

Firework Industrial Hanging Light always creates surprises for you since it is like an explosive spark. The interesting and innovative design makes this industrial chandelier stylish. It will be a stunning pendant light letting you unforgettable.

SKU: PL142-Grey
Brand: mojlife

With a simple design of two balls, Terrazzo Double Ball Pendant Light looks like a lollipop hanging in the air, making the environment cozy. Available in two cement finishes. Black is ideal for concise and stylish indoor decorations, while pink for the romantic interior.

SKU: CH141-GoldRod-BrownShade-3Heads
Brand: mojlife

MERZINA Chandelier is an interesting leverage chandelier, with two levers intersecting up and down to make the light coverage larger. This elegant and stylish pendant light is suitable for any modern indoor decorations.

Note: detail information of product color and size, please see description for reference.

SKU: 1546491
Brand: mojlife

MERZEE Glass Pendant Light has a frustum-shaped clear lampshade which allows you see the bulb inside directly. With a ball bulb, it's like a pearl staying in the air, which is soft and warm. Made of metal and glass.

SKU: PL137-Half
Brand: mojlife

MARS Pendant Light is unique and chic, which mimics Mars. It is available in a complete sphere or one with a crack from the middle, as if there was a molten lava. It presents the initial cement product without any processing.

SKU: PL135-Black-SizeA
Brand: mojlife

This classic Nordic Copenhagen Pendant Light was designed for the royal hotel. The rich finishes add personality to this simple pendant lamp. The top lock catch adds a sense of design. Available in two sizes and five finishes.

SKU: PL132-Black
Brand: mojlife

LEKUNIA Jewel Pendant Light uses the characteristics of triangle to form a distinctive lampshade. The combination of black or white finish with a golden interior is stylish and generous. Suitable for any modern indoor decorations.

SKU: PL131-Black
Brand: mojlife

LEIKA Geometric Pendant Lamp features a caged lampshade which consists of geometry. Although the elements are limited, with design ideas, these repetitive elements are transformed to form a unique caged pendant light.

SKU: PL126-GreenGlass
Brand: mojlife

With tubular glass lampshade, Kruzette Glass Pendant Light is an elegant pendant light, which will play a serene melody to calm you down. Available in two finishes.

SKU: PL125-CoolLight
Brand: mojlife

KOERT Rectangular Case Pendant Lamp is simple but easy-matching. With LED-chip, it has a black rectangular lampshade with the striped texture. It is practical, which is suitable for a long table, such as a dining or conference table.

Product available with different options
SKU: PL123-Pink
Brand: mojlife

The candy-colored finishes make KLARRIS Pastel Hanging Lamp lively and interesting. With the shape of umbrella, it is perfect for children's rooms or collocating with bright-coloured decorations, which will keep your home alive.

SKU: PL121-Small
Brand: mojlife

KEVIX Pendant Light uses a slender wire to suspend the golden lampshade, showing the beauty of minimalist and metal products. The lampshade looks like an inverted funnel, pouring out the charm of fashion.

SKU: PL120-Small
Brand: mojlife

KAVIT Seashell Pendant Lamp is a small industrial pendant light with a unique charm. It features a shell-like lampshade. The black finish adds simplicity. With a copper top, this is an attractive modern pendant light.

SKU: PL338
Brand: mojlife

Elegant Opal Glass Ball Pendant Light is composed by two glass balls which are attched on a golden rod. It is synonymous with royal elegance, which expresses low-key luxury. Made of metal and glass.

SKU: PL334-Black
Brand: mojlife

Bicycle Pendant Light is a very creative ornament, which is a modern industrial pendant lamp. Each wheel has a light source. When it is illuminated, it feels like that the bike can fly up. Made of metal. Available in black or white.

SKU: PL331-I16
Brand: mojlife

Modern 3D Colorful Nordic Pendant Lamp takes you into the underwater world. The glass lampshade comes in a variety of forms with the inside is corals created by 3D effect, which are interesting and vivid.

SKU: PL330-Green-SameWire
Brand: mojlife

Nordic Minimalism Pendant Light combines the modern style and the traditional industrial pendant light, adding a vitality into this lamp, which makes the surroundings vibrant and enjoyable. Available in seven finishes.

SKU: PL327-1Head
Brand: mojlife

Bower Pendant Lamp reminds you of ancient Roman art. It consists of a ball glass lampshade and a bladed body. With the combination of white and gold color, it is a royal style and low-key luxury.

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