Stratos LED Chandelier


Stratosphere LED Chandelier With a modern design concept, the elegant and stylish look of this chandelier will warmly and fragrantly decorate your home. The size and design make this light a great outfit for guest homes and professional offices.

  • Dia 60 cm x H 20 cm
  • Dia 80cm*H 20cm

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SKU: CL80072-1

Stratos LED Chandelier

Stratos LED chandelier, a light fixture full of modern minimalism

If you have a soft spot for modern minimalist design and have your own artistic pursuits, the Stratos LED chandelier is definitely the way to go! Gently curved glass overlapping panes redefine the shape of the chandelier, collapsing collections of clear or frosted glass combine to create a surrounding smooth diffused shadow, all within an ultra-thin profile that strikes a delicate balance. This contemporary lighting range extends from residential dining room lighting, kitchen island lighting and media room lighting applications to commercial hotel lighting and corporate lighting applications.

The 10W power and LED chip light source emits a comfortable light, just like a piece of art, it can emit a uniform and soft light, there are three sizes to choose from, and the black finish is more fashionable and unique!

This is a chandelier that is both artistic and practical to create a refined interior space

The designer combines the elegance of modernism with the streamlined industrial retro design. Thanks to the simple design, you can intuitively see that the product itself will not take up too much space, it is full of practicality, and it can not only provide sufficient light , It can also decorate the room, even if the light source is not turned on, its full design shape is a rare work of art, which can be easily used and placed, perfectly integrated with your house, and enhance the artistic taste!

Beautifully crafted and high quality

In modern life, people attach great importance to the safety and quality of products, Stratos LED chandelier, made of high quality glass / metal material. After the fine paint polishing process, the metal surface has a delicate texture.

The product quality is safe and environmentally friendly, and it is not easy to bend and damage. We offer a 150 cm / 59" power cord with a switch plug. It can be arranged and extended to suit your individual needs, and the all-in-one shape reflects minimal elegance and a streamlined design, so you can rest assured that our products won't take it easy Bend out of shape!

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Stratos LED Chandelier Size
  • Size:Dia 60cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 23.6″ x H 7.9″
  • Size:Dia 80cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 31.5″ x H 7.9″
  • Size:Dia 100cm x H 20cm/ ∅ 39.4″ x H 7.9″
  • Stratos LED Chandelier
Stratos LED Chandelier Details
  • Material: Glass/Metal
  • Light source: LED chip
  • Power: 10W
  • Weight: 6kg/13.2lbs
  • Finishes: Black
  • Process: aking paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm/ 59″ wires which can be extended upon request.
  • Stratos LED ChandelierStratos LED ChandelierStratos LED Chandelier
Product Details

Data sheet

SizeDia 60cm*H 20cm
Dia 80cm*H 20cm
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