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This popular and creative lampe méduse led not only serves as lighting, but can also be a fun toy. What sets this innovative méduse lamp apart from other traditional light fittings is that it combines lighting technology with a creative functional design.

Mojlife selling this lampe de meduse in two sizes with Dia 30 cm x H 22 cm and Dia 40 cm x H 30 cm that you can acoording to your favour to choose the sutiable size.

Meduse lampa

The meduse lamp kopen has been popular all over the world since it was launched. The first thing to mention is the design of the exterior, which incorporates a louvre-inspired design. The designer of this méduse light has created an interesting meduse light lukas basel. The pleated shade of méduse pendant has an eastern feel, and the lampe de meduse is not only stylish but also vintage.

As a functional méduse lamp, you can adjust the shade so that you can change the direction of the light and the coverage of the light. The interesting and unique shade of lamp méduse can be switched between round, conical and cylindrical.

Lamps are crucial elements when you want to create a personal and atmospheric home decoration. The meduse light is ideal as an artistic and decorative light for living rooms, dining rooms, and book rooms. Most people would choose to place this light méduse in the dining room or book room. If you place the flos méduse in your study, the adjustable light will give you a comfortable and welcoming reading experience. If you place the méduse light lukas bazle in the dining room, you can also have a pleasant meal. The warm light of meduse lamp kopen illuminates the food in a very tasty way and increases your appetite. Don't miss the meduse lamp price!

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