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Ray metal pendant light

The Ray metal pendant light has a vintage feel and, when switched on, emits a dazzling glow. Perfect for the livingroom, bedroom and so on.
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Smithfield Suspension Ceiling Light

The Smithfield Suspension Ceiling Light is a classic chandelier in classic black which giving a stately feel. It does not lack of elegance and a sense of style! Perfect for the dining room or kitchen!
Ceiling Lamps

MOJLIFE Round Textile Ceiling Light

MOJLIFE Round Textile Ceiling Light is a must-have ceiling lamp in your home, which is easy to clean and install. The textile lampshade gathers light, making this it like a warm stove. Available in two sizes and four finishes.
Ceiling Lamps

MOJLIFE LED Ceiling Lamp - ∅ 30/45/60 cm

This disc MOJLIFE LED Ceiling Lamp is simple and generous, which will be a bright scenery of the office. It has various sizes, which can be used in the corridors. It's also perfect for those who like minimalist decorations.
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MINUTE LED Ceiling Light-Ø10cm

MINUTE LED Ceiling Light-Ø10cm illustrates the advantages of minimalist small-sized light fixture that is the easy-matching ability.  It can blend into any indoor decorations and be installed in any corner.
Ceiling Lamps

TINY LED Ceiling Light-Ø15/20cm

TINY LED Ceiling Light fits both small and large spaces since you can use multiple pieces in a row. It is energy-saving and trendy, which is a practical LED ceiling light for offices as well as residential areas. Available in two sizes.
Ceiling Lamps

Double Ring LED Ceiling Light-Ø30cm

Double Ring LED Ceiling Light gives the traditional LED ceiling lamp a new look. It features a small circle in a large circle with the white body. When it is illuminated, the two circles shine each other to form a beautiful pattern.
Ceiling Lamps

Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp

Modern functional Serge Mouille ceiling lamp is perfect for creating a concise indoor decoration, which can provide light for a large space. Made of metal. Available in three sizes and two finishes.
Ceiling Lamps

Gran Finale Suspension Lamps

The Postmodern chandelier-Gran Finale Suspension Light is like a three-dimensional painting hang in your home. Made up of lines and balls, this chandelier is suitable for hanging over the dining table, creating a beautiful view in the restaurant.
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