Oda lampen

We sell the oda lamp replica in a variety of sizes and four colours, Light blue, Amber, Grey and Transparent.

The blue oda lamp pulpo combines gentle colours. It makes the whole lamp shade look not too cold. If you want to choose this oda lamp pulpo for your home decoration, it will be a good choice. The overall appearance of the Pulpo oda table lamp resembles a fish tank. The blue colouring is like the ocean, bringing comfort and pleasure.

The oda lamp pulpo in amber gives a vintage feel. The highly translucent hand-blown glass perfectly showcases the artistic aesthetic of this oda capsule lamp. The exquisite workmanship makes you fall in love with the oda small table lamp at first sight. The amber colour not only has a retro feel but also adds a touch of luxury to your interior. Oda lighter is perfect for the dining room, living room, study, bedroom etc.

The third model is the pulpo oda table lamp in grey, which gives a quiet, serious and cold image. A touch of class in a serene colour. The total shape of this lamp also seems to incorporate oriental art. It has the appearance of a lantern and is full of culture. When you turn the lamp on, it not only illuminates the room but also warms your heart.​

The last transparent pulpo oda table lamp that I would like to recommend, perfectly to match any interior. The transparent oda glass lamp allows you to see clearly the interior of this lamp. When the lamp is switched on, the warm and cosy light shines through the transparent glass shade, creating a pleasant atmosphere for you. The transparent oda light looks simple which is not lack a sense of sophistication and elegance. If you don't like amber, black or blue, then this pulpo oda table lamp in transparent colour will satisfy your needs.​​

Above is the display of the pulpo lamp odia medium.

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