This fantastic eos feather pendant light will add a cheerful touch to your house. Perfect for children's rooms, living rooms, studies, bedrooms, etc. It will give your whole home a Nordice feel!

The eos feather pendant shade combines creative design and minimalist aesthetics to create an elegant and sweet atmosphere. Hey, look at the overall appearance of the eos lampa shade which looks like a cloud, flawlessly white and giving it a dreamy feel. When you open the köpa eos lampa, as if you've been transported into the world of marshmallows. The eos lampa kopia is not only fun but also gives your home a warm and cosy glow. Ladies and children alike will love the eos pendant.  you can use the duster or wash the feathers with a hair dryer. What are you waiting for? Add this eos lamp to your shopping cart in our online shop!

The eos pendant light Design B is based on the model A, but with a slightly different shape. Depending on your personal taste, the Eos lamp white has white feathers. The Eos large pendant also resembles a marshmallow, so you can't help but take a bite.

The Eos pendant lamp features special material-feather, which is light and soft. Every detail of the Eos up ceiling lamp perfectly demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of this lamp. The Eos lampe is also a great choice for the bedside and will remind you of your childlike innocence  .​

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