The Black Friday event is coming soon, and the mojlife online website will provide you with the biggest discount event this year. If you make a purchase on Black Friday, you may face problems such as extended order processing time and extended shipping time. Therefore, mojlife will provide you with discounts in advance. While enjoying the same discount as Black Friday, you can also receive the ordered products in advance.

Through this article, you will learn about the most popular products and the most favorable products on the mojlife online website during Black Friday 2021.

Best deals on Black Friday

Melt Pendant Light

The Melt Pendant Light replica is a very magical lamp, which is transparent when turned on and mirrored when turned off. When the Melt Pendant Light replica is illuminated, the fun and vibrant interior will attract you.

Aim Pendant Light

Aim Pendant Light replica can adjust the length of the cable and the direction of the lampshade at any time, allowing the light to shine directly where you want. Aim Pendant Light replica is an excellent lighting suitable for any interior decoration. It has a variety of sizes, suitable for large spaces and small rooms.

Vintage Mushroom Table Light

The Vintage Mushroom Table Light shows a perfect curve with a minimalist design. Vintage Mushroom Table Light replica uses high-quality acrylic material, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable and high in light transmittance. When the light is on, it is an elegant lamp that creates a tranquil atmosphere.

GOBLET Table Light

GOBLET Table Light replica has exquisite detail design. When you light it up, the light will be regularly refracted inside the lampshade, creating an amazing visual experience.

Lampe Gras Wall/ Ceiling Light Series

Lampe Gras Wall/ Ceiling Light Series has a variety of designs and color schemes. The smooth surface outlines the beauty of the lines. The adjustable metal arm allows you to freely adjust the light.

Most popular products on Black Friday

Vertigo Pendant Lamp

Vertigo Pendant Lamp replica is mainly made of high-quality glass fiber, polyurethane and metal materials. It’s like a lady’s hat, light and romantic. Vertigo Pendant Lamp replica is available in black/pink/white/reddish brown.

PH 5 Pendant

PH 5 Pendant replica is a classic design work. The distribution of the three layers contributes to its unique shape and uniform lighting. PH 5 Pendant replica is available in six colors in two sizes.

IC Lights Table Light

IC Lights Table Light replica combines the designer’s love of industrial simplicity with complex symbolism. IC Lights Table Light replica provides diffused light through a blown milky white sphere, giving a feeling of floating in the air.

Oda series

Oda table lamp replica uses hand-blown glass, which is both fashionable and retro. The glass colors are light blue, gray, amber and transparent to choose from. A variety of colors can meet the diverse needs of different designs and colors.

HEART Chandelier

HEART Chandelier replica is like many fireflies flying in the air, it is a beautiful scenery. HEART Chandelier replica is very suitable for hanging in the living room, entrance or bedroom.

Heracleum Chandelier

Heracleum Chandelier replica is an exquisite chandelier with magnificent visual effects, combining retro elements and fashionable modern style. Heracleum Chandelier replicas can be repositioned freely by rotating the rods around them.

Spokes Suspension Lamp

Spokes Suspension Lamp replica expresses a feeling of lightness. The light seems to have passed through a magical geometric grid, filtered out from the inside, and projected a kaleidoscope of squares and voids.

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